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Cash For Scrap

As a full service metal and vehicle recycling center we are helping to do our part to reduce the amount of waste and pollution that enters our great communities. We accept ferrous and non-ferrous metals, which includes steel, aluminum, copper, brass and cast. Be kind to Mother Earth by recycling scrap metal that can be melted and reused, we love helping you by offering cash for things that would otherwise end up in landfills.

We are fully licensed and insured for all recycling services. To make sure you get paid the proper amount, we have large and small certified scales along with scrap balers to handle whatever you might have.


Have old car or truck batteries that are sitting around? We are happy to purchase those batteries. And, be aware, it is not recommended to keep batteries because of the hazardous chemicals they have inside of them.

45+ Years Experience


Industrial Products

  • Prime grade industrial products

  • Plate and structural steel

  • Rebar

  • Chillers

  • Construction equipment

  • Lithograph plates

  • Extrusions

  • Tanks larger than 100 gallon must have 3 foot hole cut in them

  • Cast Iron

Automotive Vehicles

  • Wheels (steel or aluminum)

  • Batteries 

Farm Equipment

  • Machinery

  • Tractors and attachments 

Household Products

  • Cans

  • File cabinets

  • Most appliances 

  • Grills 

  • Christmas lights 

  • Lawn mowers

  • Metal lawn furniture

  • A/C units

  • Faucets 

  • Fittings

  • Light fixtures

  • Keys

Used Parts
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We offer a wide selection of used auto and truck parts. You can be sure that you will find the part you need. Our salvage yards offer quality parts that have been previously enjoyed.

Affordable Parts

Buying used auto parts does not have to be intimidating. If you are a gearhead with a small budget, come visit us. Even if you are just looking for one part, we can usually put our hands on what you need. Many times it is hard to find new parts for older vehicles.


Some of the most popular parts are motors, transmissions, lights, body panels, handles, stereo components, airbags, and hubcaps. All are available at a fraction of the price tag found on new parts. And, just like with our recycling department, you are helping save the planet by avoiding the manufacture of new parts when old parts can be reused.


Because we have three different locations, each one is a little different in what services they offer.

Scrap Metals

Street, MD

Nottingham, PA

Salvage Parts

Conowingo, MD

Nottingham, PA

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Vehicle Removal

Have an old clunker or a vehicle that's broke down sitting on your property?

We remove unwanted vehicles of most types!

Scrap old Clunkers

We offer a pick-up and delivery service. If you have a car, truck , or piece of farm machinery that needs to be moved or scrapped, just call us. We are towing specialists with the right equipment.

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Banks' Recyclers & Towing is a proud member of Towing & Recovery Professionals of Maryland and we are also police approved.

We are capable of light, medium, or heavy duty towing from even the roughest of terrains.

24 Hour Service

Help is just a phone call away for all types of towing of vehicles or equipment whether it is in perfect condition or totaled. There is no guesswork. We have the experience and "know how" to get the job done. We specialize in heavy duty towing and recovery, any time – 24 hours a day.

With over 45+ years of experience towing all sorts of vehicles that are broken down or have been in an accident, we know how to move your vehicle or equipment safely.

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